Del Rossa Women’s Long Sleeved Satin Chinese Inspired Pajama Set, Medium Pink (A0728PNKMD)

Women’s Chinese inspired satin pajama set from Alexander Del Rossa. Styled with an Asian print, Chinese Mandarin collar and gorgeous frog closures, these beautiful pajamas celebrate the classic elegance of traditional Asian fashion. If you’re not completely satisfied with this set returns are accepted.

Washing Instructions:
Wash in cool water with like colors.  Dry on low heat only.

Sizing Recommendations:
Small: Will fit Chests 32-34″, Waists 24-26″, Hips 33-37″
Medium: Will fit Chests 34-36″, Waists 26-28″, Hips 35-39″
Large: Will fit Chests 36-38″, Waists 28-30″, Hips 36-41″
XL: Will fit Chests 40-42″, Waists 30-32″, Hips 42-46″
XXL: Will fit Chests 44-46″, Waists 32-36″, Hips 46-50″Premium Satin Poly