The Official How I Met Your Mother Silk Suitjamas

Silk Suitjamas

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“Legendary Sleepwear for Legendary Men”

As seen on “How I Met Your Mother”

The Official Suitjamas Brand

Do you want to be more Awesome?
Love Suits, but looking for something a little more comfortable at home?
Designed specifically to help you get laid and individually produced by our hand-selected team of tailors, Legendary Suitjamas are made using only the finest cotton-silk blends available. For less than a typical night on the town, grab yourself a pair of Suitjamas and start impressing the ladies today!

What are you waiting for? Your 4 Piece Legendary Suitjama Order includes:

One Single-Breasted Two Button Jacket

One Pair Unpleated Trousers — with actual pockets

One Button Down Collared Shirt (Ash White)
One Sleeping Cravat (Black)

  • Silk/Cotton blend for maximum comfort & breathability
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pocket (ECP) located inside jacket
  • Guaranteed to boost Awesomeness
  • Warning- May also cause extreme Sexiness

Worldwide Shipping (5-10 Business Days All Locations)

* Please check the Size Chart and your measurements before ordering. If in doubt, contact us and our Head Tailor will recommend the most suitable size for you.

* If your Suitjamas do not fit, send us a message and WE WILL EXCHANGE THEM.

* If you have any issues or problems, send us a message and we’ll do everything we can to fix the situation however please note that if you simply leave a product review there is no way for us to identify or contact you.

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 30 Day return policy.

***We are an Internationally located company. Some Countries (such as Canada/Brazil/Germany/UK) may charge import taxes or fees which are not associated with us or our listing- Be aware of your own Countries rules & regulations regarding International purchases***Silk/Cotton blend for maximum comfort & breathability

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