James Fiallo Mens Short Sleeve Long Pants Woven Cotton Pajamas Set, MPJ07-LBLU.YLW.L

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Sleep with comfort and style in a Pair of James Fiallo Mens Pajamas! A Classic Look with Maximum Comfort!

James PJ sets are designed with men in mind.
From the easy button-down shirt to the wide fit pants you will be sleeping like a baby night after night.
100% cotton woven fabric is lightweight and breathable making it wearable even in hot summer months.

There’s something about a pair of smart matching pajamas that makes you feel ready to tackle a tough morning or feel properly ready for bed.
Add a pair of plaid pj’s to your nightly routine; brush those pearly whites, take a shower or shave, put on your new pajamas, get into bed and fall swiftly to sleep.
Now doesn’t that sound like bliss?

General Features:
✔ Soft Cotton Woven
– These pants are the soft, lightweight, and breathable. Perfect for all seasons.
Wear through hot summers and cold winters.

Relaxed Fit – The loose-fitting pajama pants have a wide cut, to ensure maximum comfort and movement.

Adjustable Fit – With an elastic waist and two button closure you can adjust the pants to sit comfortably on your hips or waist.
A button fly makes for easy access if you need to make nocturnal bathroom visits.

Experience a difference in your nights of sleep with this New set of Pajamas!
There is nothing more manly or masculine than a pair of smart, matching plaid pajama pants.
Having said that, for some reason women love our men’s pajamas too. We think it’s the soft cotton and loose fit, plus buttons are kinda sexy for some reason.
So be warned that your wife, girlfriend or partner might “borrow” your pj’s for a night or three…

Waist: S 28-30″, M 32-34″, L 36-38″, XL 40-42″.
Inseam: S/M: 30″, L/XL: 31″

Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach.* NO MORE SWEATING AT NIGHT WITH A SUPER SOFT COTTON PAJAMA – Forget about polyester or synthetic mens pajamas. These pair of plaid pajama pants and shirt for men will feel super soft on your skin. The lightweight, breathable fabric is perfect for the hot summer months. Made with 100% cotton woven ensures minimal sweating.

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