The Pajama Tales Continue – 5 More Funny Things I Do in My Pajamas
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The Pajama Tales Continue – 5 More Funny Things I Do in My Pajamas
By Erin Braxton

As the story goes, pajama fashion can take you farther than you think. In my first article, The Pajama Tales- Pt.1, I discussed how I conduct business, fine dine, travel, and date in my pajamas. I have many more tales of how a modern girl on the go can make her pajamas stretch beyond the bedroom. Here are another five things I often do while wearing mine.

Pajama Tale No. 6- I’m a chef and entertainer, all in my pajamas.

Onesie Pajamas PandaWhile I can’t say it’s unusual to cook in your pajamas, are you able to go directly into greeting your guests at the door and hosting your dinner party, without a wardrobe change? I can keep it moving into the evening with the right pajama fashion. Because I only wear the flyest loungewear pajamas you can find, I work my look from prep through after dinner drinks.

Pajama Tale No. 7- I spa in my pajamas.

The spa? Really? Why not? Especially if I sometimes I create the spa in my apartment. And sometimes I create the spa experience between my hair salon, nail salon and eyebrow salon, three completely different establishments. In or out, pampering needs to be done in comfort. If not, what’s the point. What else can I wear, but my loungewear pajamas?

Pajama Tale No. 8- I attend blockbuster events in my pajamas.

Usually these events are hosted on on my couch watching my latest Netflix arrival. Sometimes I dress up my pajamas and go to Arclight Hollywood.

Pajama Tale No. 9- I go dancing in my pajamas.

Two years in a row, at two separate New Year’s Eve parties I wore a sexy robe dress, accessorized with a handbag, heels and jewelry. Who knew? For my more frequent dance parties, I just cue up my favorite playlist and dance for my Westie.

Pajama Tale No. 10- I go shopping in my pajamas.

Whether I’m shopping on QVC, HSN, Amazon or at the actual mall, with the right loungewear pajamas, your wardrobe needn’t change. I’ve found if you’re spending money, the one receiving it on the other end could care less what you’re wearing.

As I’ve said before, pajama-wearing possibilities are endless. You have to make them work for your life, without limitation, but all the while making sure your look works for the occasion. There are many more pajama tales to tell. Coming soon.

Erin Braxton is a Los Angeles based clothing designer specializing in loungewear, sleepwear and resort wear for women. Her collection is sold at boutiques, spas and resorts across the country. Erin Braxton Loungewear has also been seen on well-known television programs like Desperate Housewives. For more information on the designer and the collection, visit

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