The Pajama Tales – 5 Funny Things I Do In My Pajamas
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The Pajama Tales – 5 Funny Things I Do In My Pajamas
By Erin Braxton

Pajamas can be the most versatile clothing in your wardrobe. Whether you think it’s that basic black dress or not. I’ve found many uses for my pajamas and several occasions appropriate to wear them. Which means there are a number of things you can find to do in yours. But first, I call my pajamas “loungewear,” that way I can get away with so much more. It’s similar to the concept of wearing underwear as outerwear. If you just change the name and repurpose something, it’s like a paradigm shift. A concept I use when sporting my pajamas in a multitude of environments.

Fleece Cotton Adult Footed PajamasHere is a short list of things I do in my pajamas.

Pajama Tale No. 1– I attend business meetings and make multi-thousand dollar deals. All in my pajamas.

Seeing how I home office, working in my pajamas is one of the perks. While on conference calls, I think of my clients sitting in an office somewhere, dressed in their business casual attire, and then feel relieved that I can join the call dressed down in my loungewear pajamas.

Pajama Tale No. 2– Steak and lobster dinners with clients, then after dinner drinks. All in my pajamas.

If you pick the right pajamas, they can double as loungewear, and then triple as daywear. With a change of shoes and accessories, you can achieve a completely different look, taking your pajamas from indoors to out in a flash. Compliments on my attire are almost guaranteed

Pajama Tale No. 3– Would you prefer the window or the aisle, while traveling in your pajamas?

With my crazy schedule, I often have to travel from city to city, attending meetings with various clients and taking care of business. What better place to wear your pajamas than on a stuffy, uncomfortable airplane? You’re already packed in the plane like a can of sardines, freezing from the recycled air conditioning air, and sitting next to some odd stranger. If you can’t control anything else in your in-flight environment, at least you can make yourself comfortable with the right outfit. If you have on some chic loungewear, that is comfortable and cozy, why not bring them on that coast-to-coast flight? Of course, this also applies to rail and car travel.

Pajama Tale No. 4– I love to greet the neighbors in my pajamas.

Hooded All In One OnesieWhether it’s walking the dog, checking the mail, or simply opening the front door. Once you remove the fuzzy slippers, what is there to be embarrassed about, if you make the right choices in your pajamas? If you’re in and out all of the time, entertain at home, office in you place of residence or just want to be comfortable in your surroundings, get some loungewear pajamas that have multipurpose function.

Pajama Tale No. 5- Did he say “Let’s get together on Friday Night?” And I was planning on hanging out in my pajamas. So why should I change my plans?

Sassy robes can turn into hot little dresses, when paired with stilettos and the right handbag. Dating is tough enough, so be comfortable and cute at the same time. Does he need to know you’re in your pajamas? He just needs to see how hot you look!

Pajama wearing possibilities are endless. Picking the right kind will take your wardrobe farther than you realize. These five things are just the beginning in expressing the versatility of this clothing group. Consider how your pajamas can work harder in your wardrobe.


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