Make Holiday Pajamas a Tradition in Your Home
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Make Holiday Pajamas a Tradition in Your Home
By Melinda Felton

Holiday time is special for everyone, as the nights leading up to Christmas are filled with hot cocoa, festive dinners, and of course the big night and morning around the Christmas tree. After a large dinner or in the morning there is nothing better to enjoy yourself in than some festive Christmas pajamas. If you really want to go all out for the winter holidays you will want to purchase some special flannel pajamas or even matching family pajamas so your family can truly bond during the holiday that only comes once a year. There is nothing cuter than your family unwrapping their presents clad in Bed Head pajamas around the tree, and nothing will make a better picture for your holidays.

Family Matching Flannel PajamasIn fact, if you are truly inventive, and continue with the tradition of matching family pajamas that are purchased each year, you could sort through the years and categorize your scrapbook by which set of holiday pajamas everyone is wearing! Remember, Christmas comes but once a year so making an investment in flannel pajamas every year is not a bad purchase. Plus, since your children are going to associate their Christmas pajamas with presents, cheer, and joy, chances are they will wear them almost every day of the winter. Thus you can keep your family warm and cozy and keep a great scrapbook full of memories all in one.

For the adults, you can purchase your holiday pajamas in men’s and women’s sleepwear to make sure your personal comfort needs are met since you are unlikely going to need booties on the bottom of your flannel pajamas. This is a great idea for older children as well since your teenager daughter will probably enjoy women’s sleepwear more than kid’s pajamas as well. In fact, you may want to check out flannel pajamas by Bed Head to find adult and teenage options that everyone will enjoy with the same enthusiasm as younger children.

If you are wondering how exactly to make matching family pajamas a tradition around your Christmas tree with a wide array of ages, you may simply strive to keep everybody in flannel pajamas that all have the same holiday pajamas theme. For instance, one year everyone might have Christmas pajamas that have candy canes on them, and another year maybe everybody could have snowflake pajamas as their official holiday pajamas.

In fact, you can even spice up the tradition by having a raffle every Christmas in which the winner gets to choose the theme for next year’s holiday pajamas. This way, the matching family pajamas become exciting for everyone instead of a drag. Of course as the years pass, you may have to repeat some styles and choices or Christmas pajamas, but you will still be creating memories for your children that will last a lifetime. Share the joy and embrace the togetherness that every family strives for around the holidays and start your own tradition of matching family pajamas today.

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Melinda Felton

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